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Do It Yourself Lettering and Do It Yourself Signs is very easy. Each line of words is pre spaced, and where it is an advantage for you, we will also combine the Letter colour overlays for you. If, Colour is applied over Colour, it may be better for your sign to be supplied in parts. Each time we will also include as free, a layout sheet showing any onsite measurements you can make to give you a hassle free application of vinyl letters.

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At the Gallery, you can view some of the DIY Kits we have supplied for clients, these include Signs for Trailers, Cars, Boards, Sandwich Boards, Frames, Danger Signs, Pipeline Markers and lots more.
Receiving you DIY Kit is very easy. Choose any colour or font, send us any type of computer file with your words, sizes or instructions. For every order, we will send you a PDF proof via email for you to check against your project size, font or colour before making your Do It Yourself Signage.
Colour Tips:
Add extra Colours at NO EXTRA COST
We do not charge extra for colours. Price based per line, per sheet, avoid unnecessary colour explosions because there is no extra charge, Most signs look better, read better and work better when there is a maximum of 3 colours. It's up to you with DIY letters, but simple is more profitable for your messages or designs.
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Simple Tutorial...

Home > All Products > DIY Signs > Typical Application onto A-Frame Tutorial

Below, we show you how to save heaps making an A-Frame Sign in Australia by using DIY Vinyl Lettering. You can order Do It Yourself lettering for window signs, vehicle signs, car door signs and lots more.

If you haven't already read our page called Easy Letter Steps,
try reading this page.

Here we show you how easy it is to make an A-Frame Sandwich Board style sign online with a letter kit. Use either the PDF or Excel Lettering sheet to get all the information, go to online colour pages for your choices, send the file to us and your online signage will look fantastic. Very easy, we send all manner of signwriting, DIY, Panels and more across Australia.

The Aframe sign shown here is double sided, so the client would ask for two sets of lettering. You can add arrows, symbols and company logos or colour themes.
Our sign designers will give you a proof including measurements of the sign area to help you install your DIY Lettering... EASY!
Choose any colour online, let us know any favourite fonts and we are underway.

Note: The minimum size for any lettering is 15mm.

1. When you turn the lettering over, it is easier to remove the low tack application tape.

After we cut the DIY Vinyl Lettering for your sign, and the lettering arrives, follow these steps to make installing a sign letter easy.

2. Turn the lettering over and remove the special silicone backing paper, leaving the lettering Sticky side up.

3. If you order sets of lettering, we may nest the DIY Lettering together to save you money. If so, we will also pre cut the lettering and the application tape so that you can comfortably remove each section. The image shows 3 lines of DIY lettering together. This is to help you pre-space your lettering. THEN, spray a fine mist of water over the lettering to assist your positioning.

The letters remain pre spaced and with the correct line spacing. Then you can apply blocks of letters without worry. Use a light mist of water or put on dry.

The letters - decals are not instantly applied. If you position off the mark a little, lift up in a moderate jerk action, the letters should lift away and you can reposition the vinyl.
4. Place the lettering onto your sign, window or wall from the bottom of the Application Tape. WE instruct all our sign designers when rubbing on this 'lift up' tape to the bottom of the line, group of text or best position of any logo. Use the Bottom Of the White Tape as a ruler guide line for the decals.
Also, on the tape, you will see we have marked a centre point for you. Put this on the centre of your position if relevant.

5. Using your Applicator, Flat plastic Squeegee or a firm flat spreader, Firmly rub the lettering onto your sign in a up-down & sideways movement to extinguish any air and apply the self adhesive lettering onto the sign panel.

When applied and rubbed down, allow the paper to dry if wet, then remove off the letters in a backward action.

6. After firmly pressing down the Do It Yourself lettering, peel back the 'lift off' tape.

Oops... a few bubbles.
Any bubbles are easy to fix. Simply use a pin to prick and allow the air to be removed. All vinyl self adhesive lettering takes approx 3 weeks to fully mature, so bubbles will disappear.

7. Overlay any logo colours on top
of the other colours.

Our sign design team will make your logo's easy. We will set colours separately so that the most complex logos are easy for you to install.

That it. Very easy and you save heaps. Go to the price calculator, choose 'Lettering Ready to apply' for prices.

How to price vinyl lettering ready to apply.

Go to the newer, faster online price calculator, Choose Lettering Ready to Apply. Type in the maximum length the lettering will extend to, the maximum height the lettering will extend to... press calculate.

Notes about pricing: Vinyl Letters Ready To Apply are priced by maximum area of signage to be covered. Similar to the A-Frame example above, in the price calculator, you would choose QTY: 2, Height: 900 Length: 600, this will give you the prices for 2 sided A-Frame Lettering Ready To Apply.

Who uses this service? Heaps of people, we send stickers and adhesive vinyl cut out letters all over Australia to building companies, designers, shops, factories for product label displays, truckies, couriers, other sign and printing companies without modern plotter cutting equipment. You can contact us via email, Free Phone or Fax.

Timing: In general, it only takes 4 Days from Proof to finish your Adhesive Letters.

Read more about DIY Signs and Letters

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