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Do It Yourself Lettering and Do It Yourself Signs is very easy. Each line of words is pre spaced, and where it is an advantage for you, we will also combine the Letter colour overlays for you. If, Colour is applied over Colour, it may be better for your sign to be supplied in parts. Each time we will also include as free, a layout sheet showing any onsite measurements you can make to give you a hassle free application of vinyl letters.

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At the Gallery, you can view some of the DIY Kits we have supplied for clients, these include Signs for Trailers, Cars, Boards, Sandwich Boards, Frames, Danger Signs, Pipeline Markers and lots more.
Receiving you DIY Kit is very easy. Choose any colour or font, send us any type of computer file with your words, sizes or instructions. For every order, we will send you a PDF proof via email for you to check against your project size, font or colour before making your Do It Yourself Signage.
Colour Tips:
Add extra Colours at NO EXTRA COST
We do not charge extra for colours. Price based per line, per sheet, avoid unnecessary colour explosions because there is no extra charge, Most signs look better, read better and work better when there is a maximum of 3 colours. It's up to you with DIY letters, but simple is more profitable for your messages or designs.
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Easy Steps to Apply Adhesive Letters and Signs...

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Can I add my logo? Yes. We can sign your logo in any format. If you have a computer file that is 'line' based (vector) or the original file from your graphic artist or marketing division, they can email.
If you need us to redraw your logo from a picture, business card etc, Easy, we do this everyday.
How many colours can I have?
Unlimited colours are OK on Vehicle signs, although you may consider the speed of which a person will read the message.
Can I add additional colours? YES, we do not charge for extra colours, IF your creative sign lettering is one line, it can comprise multiple colours at no extra cost.
IF, you need an outline or shade, this is a NEW line of lettering because it will add a second length of vinyl needed to make the lettering sign appealing.
How do I know the price?
Go to our online price calculator, once opened, choose the Lettering ready to apply option.
DIY lettering is easy. We do all the plotting and cutting of your vinyl self adhesive lettering. You can apply script lettering onto a window sign, bold, powerful font letters onto a car door and even make your own billboard sign letters with our DIY service.
Installation is easy and we can send to any location in Australia FAST.

Vehicle Lettering... we make signs for vehicles, car door signs, truck lettering and transport road signs.
Specialty Vinyl Materials: Order special vinyl self adhesive such as metallic gold, shiny silver and more. Over 200 Colours Chart Chips
Window Lettering: Signwriting at it's best
Exhibition Centre Pelmet signage letters

Use this PDF Sheet to help you measure the sizes of your letters, logo or words. Fax it back or email. If you prefer to work on an editable document, Click here to open an excel file. Excel Spreadsheet Lettering Sheet.

Letter Kit Measurement Sheet Makes Your Signage Easy

See the Short Tutorial Movie

Four Easy Steps to apply your new signwriting
Do-It-Yourself Vinyl Letters

Format: 5-7 year Outdoor Grade: Vinyl lettering DIY Ready to apply. Suitable for boats, vehicles, sign boards and General Signage.
1 1. CLEAN AND DE-GREASE your signage surface and wipe of any dust. Adhesive can not stick to dust.
   The lettering supplied will match the proof supplied to you perfectly. Each line of lettering will have a pencil mark showing you the centre point, left or right point for your reference. This will make it easy to align multi lines of lettering / text / logo etc.
2 MEASURE the position of the line from either the top or the bottom of the sign, the section on the vehicle, banner etc.
3 TURN THE LETTERING OVER, showing the back side of the silicone paper, this will make removing the line easier for you. Put the lettering onto your line by peeling back the silicone backing. This will leave the lettering upside down.

Using a Household squirt bottle or spray bottle, apply a light mist over the lettering. For larger letters, you may also soften the water and reduce the instant adhesive power on the rear side of the self adhesive vinyl by adding ONE DROP of normal dishwashing liquid. Avoid using Soap, it may take longer to dry or leave a residue if you are working on glass windows. Dishwashing Liquid is better.

The lettering is adhesive based. Applying a light mist over the adhesive will allow you to re-position any necessary movement. If you need to, you may / can actually flood the entire sign panel with water. The Adhesive Vinyl we use is suitable for boat signs, trucks etc and is water proof. If you use a lot of water, this is ok, but it may take longer to dry before you can remove the Application Tape (Paper tape that lifts off) Hold the line at each end, turn over and place onto your pencil marked line.

TIP: Wet the Sign Panel for heavy water use on very large letters. Lightly mist the Lettering for small letters.


4 RUB THE LETTERING ONTO THE SIGN. Once you have pressured the lettering onto the sign, AND THE PAPER OR PANEL IS AGAIN DRY, remove the top covering tape from left to right at a slight angle, LEAVING THE LETTERING BEHIND IN PERFECT POSITION.

OOPS, A FEW BUBBLES, Bubbles will disappear over time and may take a few days or week to dissolve. If needed, you can prick the bubble with a pin. Even we get tiny bubbles.

Next: Please read the next quick tutorial on Double Side A' Frame here, worthwhile ready for everybody.

You can ask us for replacement vinyl signs for light boxes, boats, cars, doors, windows, metal panels, street and road signs... lots of permanent and temporary sign solutions.

Want to see how we make an A'frame Sign in Australia using
our DIY Lettering? Go HERE >

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