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Hanging, Rear Wall or Under Verandah Light Box Size is perfect.

Electronic sign manufacture illuminated data signs

We now manufacture a range of electronic movable text data signage in lights. Choose from indoor or exterior.

Pink Light Box

Manufacturing the led sign illuminates letters and scrolls inside the panel.Very Popular and versatile electric sign. This style of Illuminated Sign has Rounded UV Stable corners. The end cap system allows strong integrity strength and easy change over. Very well made, stylish and modern look. Suitable for outdoor use on posts, poles, buildings and other fixtures. 150mm deep allows great double sided lighting illumination. Should you need a different size as listed inside this sign box category or any throughout the site, contact us. We make custom Signage for all over. This photo was a shopping centre in Adelaide. From Melbourne to Burnie, Perth to Sydney, shipping is easy.

The aluminium extrusion used for making illuminated moving message signThe Aluminium Frame is made with special extruded 1.14mm aluminium channel that makes a back lit Duratrans or plastic panel insert easy. You can choose from 3mm, 4.5mm and 6mm Opal Acrylic that is translucent for maximum light transmission, OR, use the equivalent thicknesses for Polycarbonate materials that are unbreakable or 'Rock Proof' for your electric sign. The end panels slide away to access the internal lighting and fittings.

Electronic sign in view showing message in lightsAll you need to do is apply the menu print, fashion poster, product pic onto the opal acrylic for a fantastic looking Duratrans Back Lit Sign. The frame is also perfect for outdoor use under verandah's, on the building or against a wall. Click the link to see a few great marketing uses and ways customers have used this modern frame to promote their business at night and in the daytime.

This electric sign price includes all wiring ready to install into the main electrical point. Includes Tubes, Starters, Ballast and internal frame supports. Signage Optional. Please inform thickness required and art.

See all the light boxes and prices on one page here.

LB-RND-1800x450-FSIGN Aluminium Light Box

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Hanging Shop Sign Illuminated Light Box with Panels That Slide IN

Electrical Sign - Light Box 1800 x 450 mm
Cheap price without reducing quality, this box is great for many different applications and is outdoor grade.

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Send us your company logo in any format
Our team of experienced graphic designers will make up a electrical sign layout so you see exactly how your Light Box will look when finished
Once the artwork is approved, production time is 7-10 days
Ready for easy installation by an electrician, this electric sign Light Box comes complete with all fittings and lighting
Light Boxes are a professional way of advertising your company and look fantastic!



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By Law, all illuminated Signs must be installed by an electrician. Each box comes complete ready to go. Saving you costs, the finished electric sign is fast to install. All the internal braces and secure clips are included. Your electrician costs should only be 2 hours.
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